Friday, September 26, 2014

Project Site Analysis and non-scalar MENTAL MAP of Trondheim

SITE PLAN: block at the north-east  corner of Olav Tryggvasons Gata and Nordre Gata

The Dura I II are massive NAZI U-boat Bunkers for the 13th Flotilla built with 5 meter thick walls to withstand aerial bombing.Das Boot i Norge  Now Germans just come to Trondheim to buy things not on U-boats, but Cruise ships. Speaking of other shifts of empire and ideology, the Nidaros Cathedral of Trondheim, was built of the burial spot of King Olaf.  The former King is now Saint, for having died in battle with a sword in one hand and the Cross in the other.  death of a king 

Though centuries later, the Roman-Catholic Cross was brought to area a mere mile from the foothold of continental power's twisted-cross.

Maybe Space Group's hotel is the illegible-Gehry distorted/extruded cross of global late-capitalism.  LOL!

But, seriously, the horizon has weight.  

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