Monday, December 29, 2014

JVA's Twin House, Oslo

Professor Jarmund Vigsnaes brought the Density in Trondheim Studio to look at progress on his firm's "Twin House".  The house, a cantilevering structure overlooking the fjord, contains a mirrored program for a pair of successful, yet seemingly inseparable identical twins.  While only two units, this type of packaged-program could easily expanded on in a different context.  The architecture, just like the twins, allows for points of deviation that is bounded by a unifying structure.  

A view from inside the western unit's combined living-room/ kitchen. The book shelf to the right follow's the diagonal strut of the structure's wooden truss system.  In this manner, inside living is bound to the tectonic expression of the house's exterior.

 The exposed wooden framing system provides opportunities for uniform, yet nontraditional window shape.  On a whole, the effect creates a type of half-timbered expression defined by the lightness of void rather than compression of masonry.  

Here is the chopping block floor of the house's upper level, a simple but variegated texture almost good enough to eat off of.

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